High speed recording

The TimeFreeze camera automaticaly unlocks the highest recording speed available on your device. In addition to this it also recalibrates your camera to produce the most crisp images possible from your camera. But the most amazing feature is that the TimeFreeze camera also records and tracks the motion of the individual images to achive real time slow motion and advanced effects.


Track your projects

After recording you get the chance to choose which project it belongs to. This means that you never have to go through dussins of videos and try to remember which life event they belong to. With just a few taps you can add/remove projects, delete videos, drag videos between projects and rename projects.


One touch editing

The TimeFreeze editing feature is extremely powerful but still groundbreakingly simple. We have re-thought the way editing is done and instead all difficult operations are automatically performed for you. You are left with the important decisions and chance so add your own artistic touch. TimeFreeze is shipped with professional grade filters and it also allows you to add lens effects post production.

Adjust speed

Bullet time slow motion

Using the data from the TimeFreeze camera the application can extremely accurately convert your videos into extreme high speed footage. TimeFreeze is able to add beautiful slow motion effects to your videos. Depending on your preference you can choose between various speeds, from double speed to 20 times slow motion. Allowing you to freeze a moment in time.


Social network integration

When you have finished your video you can publish it to your stories timeline. From here you can choose to share your videos with your friends. Either upload the video directly to Facebook or store it in your camera roll for further processing or for adding it to your website or favorite social network.